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bird of internal purity | Mini Soulmates

bird of internal purity | Mini Soulmates.

Welcome at the «Mini Soulmates» and my new art collection «Spiritual Soul Whispers».
From nature inspired I created a faux taxidermy as boho chic art decor.
This filigree fantasy creation is a white bird. Its light is a symbol of internal purity in your life. It will unite you with your soulmate forever.
The abstract sculptures are a perfect bird lover gift, too.
My birds are handmade with devotion and patience from natural materials.
They are needle felted from merino wool on driftwood. I collect the wood at wild riverbanks myself.
For the legs, I used paper covered wire. The wings and the tail are made of feathers.
Each sculpture has a unique expression.
The price is only for this white bird.
Without the feathers, it is 3,9 inches high, 5,9 inches long and 1,8 inches wide.
All my fiber art is made in a smoke-free environment. Created to decorate, it needs to be handled carefully.
The pictured sculpture is an example of my art collection.

bird of internal purity | Mini Soulmates

bird of internal purity | Mini Soulmates



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