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BIRDY /model/ by Jenny Ivanova

BIRDY /model/ by Jenny Ivanova.

Book by William Wharton, adapted for the stage by Naomi Wallace

Birdy is an inventive, hypnotic novel about friendship and family, dreaming and surviving, love and war, madness and beauty and above all “birdness.” Ask us: what is freedom? The main element in my set design is a bridge. The bridge is: moving from one state to another, dividing one life from another, two worlds. The first: on the bridge (the memories and the dreams), the second: under the bridge (military psychiatric hospital). At a height, the heavy form of the bridge continues into a metal lattice structure, with big wings. In scenes of childhood memories I have used projections, which create a sky, a sense of infinity, magic, children’s dreams. It’s a game of high and low, soaring and landing.

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