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Birth | Makbule Yanar

Birth | Makbule Yanar.

I am a London based mixed media artist who works and question the moment in time. My main drive is questining the time that I live in. The present times, everyday issues araound enviremental problems and effects on our life drive me to do my artwork. The metariels that I use in my art work has to be part of it. I am trying to give new aesthetics value and meaning to everyday objects that is thrown in to our life.

This work that I posted called Birth and it is a resolt of my acumilation from life. Recyled cardboard and crochet without any mold freely created. The dimensional forms in these work are both experementel abstract concantrate figures and whole new world that emerges from the impossible probilities that spectator would want to explore in their geometric shapes.

In order to create new universal harmony in this project technicley, traditional and untraditional process sustaibly used together and without colliding weaved in to my work to capture the equilibrium on the whole.

'Sacrament' 3

'inner Strenght'

Part of 'Fire' sculpture.


'A piece of fragment from life'


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