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Bodhisattva Art by Vijit Pillai

Vijit Pillai is a well recognized artist and a pioneer in New Media and Digital Art. Over 500 of his artworks have been bought by customers across India and from other countries including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

The artist uses his own photographs and other references which take new form through the use of textures, filters, patterns and sophisticated digital techniques with acrylic paint on canvas in the genre of ‘Mixed Media Art“ in exclusive or limited edition canvases.
His artworks have been displayed along with masters like MF Hussain and F N Souza at The All India Auction of Modern and Contemporary Artists at Windsor Manor, Bangalore in August 2013. Of the 3 artworks displayed all were sold at more than twice the bidding price.
Vijit Pillai began painting at a very early age. He was encouraged by his mother who gave him canvas and paints when he was just three years old. As a student of Rathin Mitra, his art teacher at the Doon School, he went on to win the All India Award for the Best Painting from Nehru Yuva Kendra and the Best Artist prize at school.69060_524640660911642_574300580_n 381502_530876333621408_1935414961_n 478576_529191780456530_551689373_o 529221_529197463789295_2084037250_n 544301_511238222251886_929943489_n 552668_526431270732581_1702174481_n 936231_530876313621410_2086100039_n 11071304_926336687408702_7528351853852671658_n
Over 350 artworks by the artist are part of the decor at the new Radisson Blu Plaza, Hyderabad. https://www.facebook.com/Bodhisattvaart/