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Bogotá’s Facades | Laura Castro Romero

Bogotá’s Facades | Laura Castro Romero.

Bogotá is a city full of contrasts due to the inequality of its society. The most humble neighborhoods are often painted with the most vibrant colors as if that appearance could hide the bad conditions in which their habitants usually live.

The theory of the Broken Windows states that any evidence of carelessness (such as a broken window), can induce criminal behavior. In this sense, putting attention on the way things look, should help maintain the order and a proper behavior.

Under this point of view, the colors used to paint the facades of the houses in these neighborhoods turn from masks that cover an unwanted reality to a tangible desire to change the current conditions. My paintings are just a small representation of some of the amazing houses behind these thoughts.


Bogotá's Facades | Laura Castro Romero