Boldizsár Géza, Ceramic sculptures, Drawing

For 8 years I have been working with ceramics. I’m almost 20 years old. My interest of ceramics: ceramic sculptures.

Pottery working, design. I made a big Ceramic crab, and more interesting things. These were are all ceramic sculpture.I am a student, at ceramic school in austria. Landesfachschule für Keramik und Ofenbau Stoob. After the school, i would like to be a ceramist artist! I finish my education half year after. I would like to be a good person,an exemplar for people, who’s love the arts. I work hard, because i have a dream! And i would help for my Family, because we are poor.
I am talented, and the art is my Destiny.


B.Gézár Head4B.Gézár Vase2B.Gézár Baumhand1B.Gézár PityuB.Gézár schildkröte5

These are my works, Ceramic sculpture, Drawing

These are my works, Ceramic sculpture, Drawing

B.Gézár Schildkröte


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