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Bonding Time |Ibrahim-dada Disu

Ibrahim-dada Disu

Born in 1968, Lagos state,Western Nigeria.He attended school of Art and Design Auchi Polytechnic and Telford college of art and technology,England. United Kingdom.He expresses himself in so many media.He was resident Artist National Gallery of Art Nigeria from 1997-2001.Member commonwealth Foundation and Southwark art forum EnglandHe has had numerious group exihibitions ever since arriving in the United kingdom.His Works is in private collections: Nigeria,South Africa,U.S.A, Denmark, Canada,United Kingdom,France,Spain,Italy, Japan and Germany. He works mostly in mixed media and His works are influenced by his African yoruba background which is mostly decorative and colourful tend to neutralise dominating gray surroundings. There is empharsizes on head ( Ori).The size of the head is the artistic visual interpretation of what head is. In Yoruba culture, head is where authority and reasoning come from,therefore,your success in life depend on how you make good or bad use of your head.The head is considered bigger than the rest of the body because is essence of man. Therefore the burden it bears makes it bigger.

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