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Book Cut-out Harry Potter Theme

Book Cut-out Harry Potter Theme.

The book cut was designed according to a little girls fantasy about getting accepted into Hogwarts and personally being welcomed by Harry, Ron and Hermione as she was considered an exceptional case. The initial drawing of the forest and pathway was done first on the inside of the book cover, then each page was cut out, using an X-Acto knife as I went deeper into the book to give it depth. For the finishing, the book cover was altered to look like a jewel box using card stock, brushes, acrylic paints and a few jewels.

Book Cut-out Harry Potter Theme

shaheera mughal:Book Cut-out Harry Potter Theme

Visual artist . Photographer. Baker . Crocheter . Knitter . Dreamer . Someone who wants to live in a world of books and extra dark chocolate. A Printmaker who has always been inspired by nature (since I grew up next to the sea) and has always been fascinated with the richness of colours and textures of everyday life. I’ve always loved reading books and they are constantly feeding my vivacious imagination. All those stories led me to view the world and the people living in it in a new way. Everyday became a new chapter in a story that was slowly being compiled inside my mind. Trying to find an outlet to these budding stories always ends up leading me to create visuals in various mixed media




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