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Boring world | Nadja Petrovic

Boring world | Nadja Petrovic

Title: Boring world
Technique: Oil painting on canvas
Dimensions: 200/160 cm
Year of production 2019

The main and honorable place in her poetics has the human and his emotional and affective condition. During her studies, she shows a very big interest in anthropology and psychology. She first started on researching on anthropology and psychology professionally in 2012 where all her research was used as an inspiration for her visual art expression. Getting closer on the human face and body, she plunges under the skin, under what is visible on the surface. Her paintbrush emphasizes the conditions of tension and anxiety, trauma and suffering, the moments of standing on the edge of human liminal states. The subject in her artistic poetics is complex, multi-layered, multiplied within herself and never identical to herself; She is in constant movement and in constant search for herself and his own wholeness. These are the main elements in her canvases, emphasized by a special painting technique in many of the paintings. The texts that are subtly written on the faces and bodies of the represented entities point to the infinite textuality of the world that creates, writes, and often marks us.

Nadјa Petrovic (1991) academic painter born in Bitola, North Macedonia. She holds graduate and master degree in the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy  “Accademia di Belle Artiidi Firenze ” Graduated in 2013 at the department of painting and drawing, and MFA at the department of visual arts and new expressive form 2017. During 2009, she visited and stayed at Central Saint Martins College of art and design in London, England, for several courses.

She has participated in many group exhibitions in the world and abroad. Critically acclaimed painter and sculptor with a unique vision for the future while expressing human values through creating a sense of depth in her artworks. International magazines would describe her as an extraordinary painter and artist with a lot of complex projects on various themes inspired by life and anthropology while using scientific research and spiritual deepness. Nadja was recognized worldwide by many artists, curators, and galleries. Her constant presence in international magazines is just part of her agenda, which, based on her desire to inspire other artists and to contribute to the world with awareness for many sociological issues and spiritual dilemmas in the societies around the world. She is developing a deep understanding of psychology and anthropology,  spiritual problems in humanity while working on the healing process through art. Faculties are considering her as a very high-level artist, and they are inviting her to make workshops and masterclasses. Many believed that she is becoming a new unique movement in the world of art and sculptures.

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