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brain library shelf

Saarna Bly is1w 2w 3w 4w 5w 6w a French sculptor. Its name is taken from the Inuit language; fascinated by Greenland, Bly discovered pristine landscapes of all human traces. An excursion will yet forever changed his inspiration when he met a site abandoned in the middle of nowhere, lost sight of ice and a former military base (?) Abandoned. Bly will bring sketchbooks of this meeting. We can see such strange bones sketch of unusual dimensions. This journey feeds his work, he interprets and shapes his sketches giving them a third dimension. It uses mainly reclaimed wood for residential structural construction.
Here sculpture has a utilitarian dimension, “brain” in three tranches is a library, the allegory of knowledge is embodied here by the books placed in the sculpture. Made of assembled timber, it measures 146x111x38cm