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Brazilian artist develops distinct narratives

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Roberta Dacosta

Roberta Dacosta

Roberta Dacosta is a Brazilian artist who transforms the slowness and continuity in accomplices in a process of painting where the composition emerges gradually, developing distinct narratives. By accepting this experimental and empirical spectrum, bringing together several consecrated strands, her work is made up of continuous and overlapping painting layers, so that the result expresses its different stages. In some they contain narratives where their lines flow in a contained unpredictability, which brings to light the tension of the impossibility of control. In others, works are finished with strong, attractive colors, following a naturalistic aesthetic, accompanied by flowers, arabesques and lace motifs involving ecosystems.

This investigation step describes spaces plenty of functions and varieties of scales, leading the viewer to analyze where their awareness expands and contracts among micro-particles to the contours of the natural wonders of Rio de Janeiro, to the stars in the sky. The observer is who decides what to observe, the micro or the macro, the material or the metaphysical, therefore, the work of Roberta is an artistic indictment that transforms the relationship between the viewer and the object, inherent in their own creative genesis and therefore indivisible.