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Breaking man, Copulations and Suspensions. Bronzes sculptures

Breaking man, Copulations and Suspensions. Bronzes sculptures.

The Sublime: Utmost Fragility and Continued Creation Bodies, here in the end made almost absent by the movement that hollows form until it reaches its native fragility, seem to both extract themselves from an invisible envelope, and achieve in the movement itself the metamorphosis from which they were born. What we see is the body-as-water genesis, an evolution seized as a singular movement that unraveled them and rebuilds them in a form that is both improbable and real, since it is cast before your eyes. This body-as-water genesis, set in movement, constitutes the secret message of those pieces, a message whose essence is the artistic presentation of the extreme edge of a beauty that had remained inaccessible until now.

A “post-Archimedic” vision of bodies…

Bodies are not plunged into water, but it is water that flows on moving bodies, and is seized in the improbable, absolute instant where body and water become the extension of one another.



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