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Breathtaking oil painting by Marco Grassi

Breathtaking oil painting by Marco Grassi.

Born in Reggio Emilia on May 6, 1987, Italian artist Marco Grassi still lives and works in his native city. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Marco chose to devote himself full time to painting, a passion that accompanies him since he was a child. Line quality and delicacy in the colors are fundamental aspects of his painting. Fascinated by the changes of body and personality, he tries to reinterpret the human forms through metamorphosis and other contamination. 









Marco Grassi is one of the most interested in his work recently. The artist, who is very successful in oil painting, has many works on canvas. The artist, who publishes his works on his personal web page, has developed his talents to create works of various sizes and techniques. In his works, Marco Grassi often uses the female body and the female profile. It is possible to see the naked woman’s body in her work with oil painting on canvas. The artist has hyperrealistic studies in general. For example, a woman adds surreal images to the image of her body. Examples of these images are stars, flowers or cavities. The artist, who draws earthly figures in a very successful and realistic way, creates a different aesthetic ambience with the surrealistic images he adds to these figures. For example, in a study in which a woman drew her back, her cavities on this back were used as surreal images and the back of her body as realistic objects.

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