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The Bridge / El Puente

Rugeles subsequently had a strong influence on the figures geometric compositions and portraits, influences such as Andrew Wyeth; besides Jean Michael Basquiat, who expressed his disappointment in public spaces, to their protests, their disagreements with the social, political and economic system they were absolutely adverse to the 70 structures. She works various personal, daily and social events and political themes as central to his art work. It has a marked influence on abstract expressionism, action painting, and Cubism as Willem de Kooning.



El Puente (The Bridge) es una obra experimental con diversas técnicas donde se trabajó el oleo y la tempera sobre Papel Frances. La Obra es una abstracción de un puente en medio de la ciudad y existe una historia mágica detrás de él.. Esta obra pertenece a la exposición El Alma y La Mirada.


El Ser y el Tiempo

Painting: Oil and Tempera on Paper.

Painting: Oil and tempera on Paper.
Size: 21,59 H x 27,94 W x 2 in
Integrated mix Painting. 2015.