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Brilliant Street Art of Caiffa Cosimo

Caiffa Cosimo, a street artist in Italy, creates stunning street art murals

that interact with their surroundings, seeming to leap off of the walls and invade our world.

Caiffa Cosimo, alias CHEONE, was born in Gallipoli in the province of Lecce May 26, 1979; as a child shows an interest and an inclination for drawing and painting. He grew up surrounded by artists and art lovers including an uncle and a friend’s father, a famous painter from Gallipoli; watch them often at work, and from them he learned the techniques of painting on canvas.

At the age of 8-9 years old he moved with his family to Germany, where he lives and studies until one day, by chance losing coach, he noticed in a small street a bit ‘hidden of the older boys who painted over a wall with spray cans; the technique are immediately enchanted by the colors and they used to make their pieces; He stopped watching them all afternoon.
From that moment he begins to approach the culture of writing, beginning to realize its first lettering; After they began to devote himself to figurative until it for personal reasons (a woman) returns to live in Italy, precisely in Nerviano in the province of Milan.

More: https://www.facebook.com/Cheone-384726958260217/


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