Bug River Kings @ V Landart Festival


photographer, makeup artist, designer. A graduate of Landscape Architecture at the Catholic University of Lublin, a lecturer at CUL & Lublin School of Photography. He began his adventure with creative photography in 2009. For the purpose of photo shoots he creates costumes, make-up, hairstyles and set design. In his work he shows strongly theatrical and distorted reality together with peculiar characters set against such reality. Nature, fairytales, music and fashion world are his inspirations.


the project aimed at activation of the residents of villages situated on the Bug River. I wanted to show their openness to the different art forms and the distance to life. During the festival I created the costumes, whose style referred to the royal attributes. The costumes were created mainly from natural materials collected in the areas of Podlasie. While searching for models in the villages of Stary Bubel, Bubel Bubel Granna and Łukowiska, I asked over 50 aged people about their willingness to participate in the project. Thirteen of them agreed for the photo shot and 10 portraits were selected for the final series. The heroes of the cycle during the session were telling extraordinary stories about their lives and  the surroundings of the Bug river, revealing a completely different, almost unreal reality. MORE

Photos / Costumes: Paweł Adamiec
Assistents Łukasz Maj, Dominik Zimny


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