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Bursts of Color

Light Painting for me is a way to express my creative energy.

I absolutely love abstract bursts of colour. When I see a finished photo, I feel as if my inner voice has been expressed through light and I am able to show the viewer what I’m feeling on the inside. I also like that each viewer sees and feels something different for each piece of light art. Light Painting art is truly an amazing outlet of unlimited creativity. Check out more at on my website at: www.jenniferdphotography.com or on the Light Painting World Alliance site at: http://www.lpwalliance.com/database/Jennifer_D.

Kaleidoscope of Color



Cirlcles and Twirls

Swirly Twirls and Whirls

Vortex Swirls Fire

Vortex Swirls Lime


Steel Wool Photography by JenniferDPhotography

Steel Wool Photography by JenniferDPhotography

Vortex Swirls Turquoise

Neon Zebra Stripes



Steel Wool Spider

Neon Swirls