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A C Chrysafis Art


Andreas Charalambous Chrysafis was born in the village of Ayios Ambrosios, Kerynia, Cyprus.

He had experienced hardship during his early years and began to work after school at the age eleven. He was caught up in the middle of the EOKA uprising against British colonial rule and was briefly incarcerated by the British Army. Immediately after his release his parents sent him to England, fearful that his life may be in danger during the revolution.

He attended Holland Park Comprehensive in London and took up classical music, art and architectural design. As an A-student in art, he excelled in his studies and at 15 years of age – after an intense musical exam at the Royal Academy of Music – he was accepted in the prestigious Royal Academy – a great feat for a young boy who could hardly speak English! He was offered, a small financial grant by Her Majesty the Queen, to continue his musical studies, but financial circumstances dictated differently and soon gave up his musical aspirations.

He entered the work force, but life was difficult for a young lad living on his own in rooming houses in London. He spent most of his free time studying philosophy, architecture and reading the great authors. He took enjoyment visiting art museums.

At 21 he got married to a wonderful girl named Eva, and immigrated to Vancouver Canada with his young bride. He soon begun to put in practice his training and started architectural designing and development of commercial projects for most of his life.

He completed he first novel Andartes, at the age of 25 and went on to write three more books and a collection of poetry. Painting had become his other love in life and continued to paint a great number of works. Unfortunately many of his paintings were all lost in later years, during transit back to the UK.

The 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus had altered his life and found himself involved in search of Justice. Non-politically affiliated he begun writing political articles for the press.

In Canada, one of his great achievements was to mobilize and initiate a sponsorship campaign to raise public awareness and help orphan-refugees on the island. Because of his enthusiasm and commitment, more than 200 Cypriot refugee children – victims of the Turkish invasion – were provided with moral and financial support.

As an activist for Justice, the Rule of Law and Human Rights, he also played a leading role on the foundation of the well-known International Organization of Greek Cypriots in Diaspora. This was done at the very first and second international conference held in Nicosia. The late President of Cyprus, His Beatitude Archbishop Makarios chaired the inaugural conference.

Canada was good and provided a wonderful productive life and two children; a son named Alexis and a daughter named, Tina-Marie.

After 20 years, the family had moved back to London and he continued writing. Three of his books were published in the UK – “Who Shall Govern Cyprus –Brussels or Nicosia?” “Andartes” and “Porphyra in Purple”.

At a brief period in his life, he was also selected and given training by the non-political UK Referendum Party to run for a UK Parliamentary seat on a Single Issue Platform. His involvement was short lived due to other personal impending matters.

He now lives between London and Cyprus

The loss of his only son Alexis – a talented artists, musician and composer – on March 7, 2009 in Vancouver, Canada, had transformed his life forever. His son’s entire high-tech recording studio was donated to the Vancouver Community College where a unique new studio was build within the campus in memory of his son. It is appropriately named “Alexis Studio” so other talented musicians may benefit from his short-lived but amazing talent.

Visiting that city after so many years and having seen the plight of homelessness, it has sparked the urge in him to start painting again. City Without Soul was the start…

Now a prolific painter and a writer, he continues to paint new works of art and writes novels including the “Vanishing Cyprus” Series, which are published in Cyprus and throughout the world on a regular basis – Google. These will be soon compiled into a new book.

He is a strong advocate and an outspoken campaigner against corruption and a strong supporter for Human Rights, Equality and respect for the Rule of Law

His greatest achievement in life has to be his lifelong marriage to Eva, his two children and now a grandson.

The future is simple: to remain a good human being and forever search for Justice and to remain a free man with a free mind…





This is my latest painting inspired by the elegance of the female figure and pose, that always seems to generate a pleasant feeling to those who appreciate beauty that lives forever. My work is a complex one with a number of styles and topics that generate and stimulate not only the eyes but also the mind.

MYSTIC MUSES 100x 70cm 01/2016 ©

This oil painting on canvas, displays four enchanting MYSTIC MUSES standing in an elegant pose and attire that no one can easily ignore their magnetism. Infused by light and raindrops as background, it reveals a presence that draws the viewer to gaze at them and ask why! Andreas C Chrysafis