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CAFÉ COMERCIAL- Madrid. Óleo.tabla, 120 x 90 cm. 2015.Oil painting in the line of pictorial realism.
Has been chosen for this work a corner of the coffee mythical Madrid, closed last July 2015. It has created the interior environment from reality, expressed by the elements, tables, old couch, chairs, and traces of human presence, like cups on the table.
This window, with its characteristic plant seeks outside light was my favorite on my frequent visits to the coffee space.
But I’ve also painted the outside reality: the streets of confluence in traditional Glorieta de Bilbao Madrid. Empty, no cars, no people, no noise.
I chose silence for this painting.

Adiós al Café ComercialOil painting in the line of pictorial realism and held in July-August 2015. When the work was in progress, came the news of the closure of coffee, coffee mythical Commercial inaugurated in the late nineteenth century.
The incorporation of the human figure in the painting gives this painting seal desired warmth, shortly after I got the news of its closure. The figure in the foreground, takes on a special role in painting as she is, with the distant and sad look, who conveys goodbye to coffee.
Hence the title of the painting, “Good bye, Commercial Café“.
Work done in mixed media, oil and graphite on wood.
The painting is part of the collection “Cafes emblematic of Madrid.

CAFÉ CENTRAL-Madrid. Óleo-tabla, 2015.Oil painting in the line of realism. The showcase of the legendary coffee Madrid reflects the reality of mixed within and outside so that the image shows the viewer a different reality, which I myself have sought to express in painting. A musician, a regular at this cafe where jazz concerts are given, left to languish musical notes when dawn.
Cafe Central, situated in the heart of Madrid, next to the Plaza de Santa Ana, usual center of an enthusiastic audience of jazz, both Spanish and foreign, who religiously attend weekend concerts given in the coffee.
Work carried out in May-June 2015 is part of the series dedicated to iconic cafes of Madrid, as the Commercial Coffee, recently closed, the Gijon coffee, coffee East…


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