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I-CAN by Ziggy Christenson



Some new stuff I’m working on/in/at ? without getting too Arthole about it, its kinda about how people perceive and react to each other, things they stain each others brain with, this ones called I-CAN its that little part in my brain that says “fuck you, I’m gonna do it anyway”, not sure if you’ve ever been there yourselves? I have ,,,,, alot, top left corner is devoted to Paul Klee’s Bauhaus Teachings on colour theory, or the lack of theory thereof, Still working on some more layers for “I-M NOT YOUR MOTHER” , Something I would imagine our personal environ pod will say to us, in a not too distant future, when we realize we may have been relying on technology a little too much to save our asses from global meltdown. I- wanted to title them all in the vein of I-things, he-he so you can now see my predicament, of finding themes, around perception and interaction, I’m resisting the temptation to do a Donald Trump pastiche, and call it I-CAME I- SAW I-CONCURRED a comment on the electoral process/sham that’s happening right in front of our eyes of late.