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I can’t remember my father | Paintings by Anna Caruso

Anna Caruso -Non ricordo mio padre,  80x120cm, acrilico su tela, 2015pp

Anna Caruso - Non ricordo mio padre #, acrilico su tela, 80x120cm, 2015pp

Anna Caruso - La casa sul lago, 2014, acrilico su tela, 70x90 cm

anna caruso, acrilico su tela, 50x70cm, 2015

395800_10150600223608010_1687988810_n1Anna Caruso

The deep meaning of my activity refers to the continuous dialogue between space and memory, in a undetermined dimension, linked to the quantum theory. “Non ricordo mio padre” – ‘I can’t remember father’ – sinks the roots in autobiographic events, in the puerile fears, but memories are deformed and disconnected. From one side the daughter interrupted and the grey tone symbolize the untruth of a vague remembrance. On the other side the well-dressed and stylish men arise from a fixture of undefined lines, as a portrait of a forgotten father. As for all my works, the observer is invited to create his own feelings, free and independent, inside the white portion of the tableau, the absent space. For this purpose the painted portion create thought disorder, with unstructured figure and not oriented signs. Transparencies and overlapping create a simultaneous vision which move away the observer from fulcrum of the action: anything is real or definitive, the personal filter multiply the meanings in a reworked version. Direction, space and anticipation: these are the focal points of my compositions; as we search for our own identities and meanings. The outcome of this quest is never a straight answer or a reassuring image. My palette uses limited colours because I want to establish a dialogue with the observer, who will try to compensate the missing pieces in the image, filling in the blank parts with his or her own being, no matter if it’s black and white or multi-coloured.

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