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Caos and Human | Mark Cattaneo

Caos and Human | Mark Cattaneo

Element of continuity and relationship are the “Oxidations, corrosions, applications on metal with acids” and as appropriate insertion and correlation with acrylic, plaster, wood, resin and various materials to feel.

My research is the pleasure to make the relation between the human being and the impalpable dimension which generates chaos  clear

Artwork composed of 13 paintings (12 1)

Oxidations, corrosions, applications on metal with acids and acrylic with plaster on wood

In this primordial chaos, where chaos is not synonymous with chaotic, but with this wonderful asymmetrical balance, every choice represents a variation in the wandering of existence and offers new lifeblood under the form not of certain answers, but of other question marks that become the driving force of life itself.You can see more on her website, on Instagram on Facebook

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