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Captures the roiling majesty of ocean waves by Luke Shadbolt

Captures the roiling majesty of ocean waves by Luke Shadbolt.

Luke Shadbolt is a photographic artist and creative director from Sydney, Australia.

A consuming passion for the ocean gave him the privilege of spending his formative years travelling between remote natural areas and densely populated environments, affording him an empathetic insight into the interconnectedness of the world we inhabit.

His sculptural, abstract photography examines the duality of nature, of language, and sense of place with a specific focus on the oceans. Exploring the exchange, cycle and balance of power fundamental to the functioning of our planet, Shadbolt aims to renew an awareness and appreciation of the environment.

Shadbolt currently spreads his time between his fine art practice and commercial photography/creative direction, with an emphasis on underwater photography, action sports, travel, lifestyle and fashion.

He is represented by Michael Reid Gallery (Sydney / Berlin). You can explore more of his dramatic photographs on Instagram and Facebook.