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Cards project | drypoint on paper

I work with the paper and I’m focused on the study of marking, as an invasive and strong action upon the support medium.

Coming from Fabriano, an Italian reference point for paper, I wanted to honor the tradition of my origins by treating paper not as a support medium to cover with the color, but as the true protagonist of the work.

This is one of my latest projects, it’s part of 12 paper works that can be touched (with gloves).

The CARDS project starts from a study of the Rorschach plates but it develops on a physical level. My plates are used to talk about the body and the theme of the double. The anatomic and cold study on human bones merges with aspects that goes beyond the physical plane and representing the psychological dynamics of transfert and visibility, including the feeling in themselves and, above all, the feeling in front of others, seeing oneself and being seen.These works are the representation of our need to find a balance within ourselves and in our relationship with others.

Technique: drypoint on paper.