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Carved Gourds – Bonnie Gibson / Arizona Gourds

What began as a passion for carving eventually led me to a new medium; hardshell gourds.

For years, gourds were used for birdhouses and utilitarian objects, but they lend themselves well to fine art creations.  The properties of cured gourds are similar to wood, and they grow in a variety of sizes and shapes, providing a unique, organic art canvas. Each gourd lends itself to the use of a wide palette of techniques including carving, weaving, painting, wood burning and more.

Carved Gourds - Bonnie Gibson / Arizona Gourds

My gourds have been transformed with extensive carved designs, acrylic paints or wood dyes, sculpted clay or organic materials.  I often combine gourds with small carved wood birds, sculpted lizards and other dimensional enbellishments.  I use power rotary tools to create pieces that are heavily themed with my love for nature and the culture of the American southwest

Elusive Quarry

Desert Cottontail

Sitting Pretty


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