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century of mopassant

century of mopassant by Photographer Liza.

PHOTO The project is implemented in partnership PROMOTION OF FRENCH INSTITUTE. Photo Projects “Age of Maupassant” – the 19th century is the great age of the emergence of new bases in the cultural formation of centuries. France was one of the founders of this culture, new times. With the advent of the bourgeoisie there is a new perception of life. Novels Maupassant very realistic and sensual simply and clearly describe the events and conditions of the people in those days. I was particularly impressed with the women of their way of life, thoughts, ideas and desires. Easy mopassanovskoy thought and language allows anyone to understand and present the entire period as a whole. Reading the works of authors of the 19th century Merimee, Maupassant picture event image excites my imagination alive. “The Age of Maupassant” is rich in images of human material and events. This feels some connection centuries, so the Projects so relevant today. Some romantazm that era, the ardor of love, beauty garments will help you understand yourself today.

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Visually Projects will display specific images of the short stories of Maupassant and Merimee, the images and events that reflect and summarize the entire period entirely and make it a cult.
This will contribute to uznovaemosti time and improve the emotional context of the photo-Projects.
Projects To implement this, we need support and sponsorship of local theater props and clothing of the 19th century.
The objectives of the Projects to show people how important the French culture in the world contest. Stress the importance of community in our countries in the implementation of joint cultural programs. The importance of knowledge and learning of foreign languages ​​such as French language knowledge somogo rich literary and cultural formation mira.Etot Projects submitted by France on the day of independence July 14 will be very relevant for us.
Photos for this Projects will be printed on canvas in the style emerging in the late 19th century photographs and some colored sprints will remind canvas works impresionistov. Releasing post card postcards 5 different photo frames, in the classical style of the time, the goal is reached, people are buying these cards will leave a souvenir “Age of Maupassant.” The money received from the sale of post cards will go to charity.

Lisa Osepaishvili Photographer / Author Projects.

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