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Century XXI by Ivo Sirakov



Century XXI

Centuri XXI

The kindness of the rich

Century XXI


Born in 1975 Graduate in Fine arts school “Trained in a classical technique, Sirakov’s oils and watercolors, with females as his subject, are impressively polished.

The women he depicts run the gamut from virginal-looking to sultry and demonic.They are not individuals or even types and instead they are depictions of human conditions.

The artist’s brushwork varies from piece to piece.In one work it is bravura with a wide brush,while in another he smoothes the brushwork out so that it is hidden.”

Nickolas Bergman ,Caelum Gallery, New York


Live or die.

If it were only that, things would be really easy,like decide by the black or white.Not so.Humanity that drives us to blend the two colors,increases the difficulties.How  many gray exist? How many black or white have you added or removed from your picture? In whichshades of gray are you swimming?Or maybe it just depends on how much light shade oryou’re willing to accept: a feather after another, lost or sold,  wings used as a bargaining chip, …Do they that you get away from the light to come in theshadows? Or is it just another type of gray? “Century XXI” is the latest work of Ivo Sirakov.The collection reflects fascination for the beauty and the insolent modern times.Painted it in pencil , underlining the importance of the gray to invade the eye with its differents shadows, expressing the strenght of the details.

Dra. Anna Bay

You can see much more on          http://www.ivosirakov.com/index.php?option=com_morfeoshow&task=view&gallery=14&Itemid=20