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Ceramic Sculpture by Ljiljana Antic Libra

This is my ceramic sculpture and I am recognized by them. because of my authentic style and specific technique.

I had many exhibitions and the most important is at Louvre, Paris in 2007, where I was selected and invited to show my sculptures in SALON SNBA ( SOCIETE NATIONALE DEX BEAUX ARTS), which has been existing more than 140 years. Many famous artists from the past had exhibited thete, such is HENRY MOORE, BRANCUSI and many others.

This art work represents the knight in surrealistic manner. I also call knights- holly warriors. They are symbols of good, the best caracteristic in human caracter, carrying for people, protetcing.. My knights are not agressive, but protective. I had the exibition in the Museum of Voivodina, Novi Sad called INVITED TO ARMAGEDON, so there were about thirty sculptures. My holly warriors, knights are going to be at Armagedon, the last battle that will take place between good ane evil. I believe that good will win, and my holly warriors will give great contribution.




image of the warrior, knight

Ceramic sculpture. knight or holly warrior