CERTA SCULPTURA, sculpture Balance

What makes art superior to general handicrafts?

The living and the dead

The living and the dead

Sculpture "Balance"Sculpture "Balance"work in progress

What makes art superior to general handicrafts? Does handicraft mainly differ because it always has a function or an economical or pragmatic use? Handicraft meets expectations, solves every-day problems in a known fashion and is even content with this task. However, art and the activity of artistic creation exceed this. Even if art is sometimes frowned upon or misunderstood, it possesses a clear but also subtle additional value: an expression of discipline, devotion and mastery; striving for sense and rebellion against the existing; and the examination and demonstration of human hopes, fears and passions.

This exactly is the motivation underlying the work of artist Luise Läßig (born 1989 in Dresden), who works as a nursery-school teacher but creates sculptures in her free time. She started by making decorations and costumes for an annual Halloween party, which were very popular among her enthusiastic friends. Thus, she found the time and courage to think further and continue her work, which is based on her creative works from childhood years as well as a large portion of talent and passion. Her inspiration and images largely come from mythology, literature and music – especially metal and electric rock. She emphasizes that creative work is always a point for silence and relaxation but also an expression of an active life, creativity and expression of her own personality and her own way of thinking.

Similar to metal music, it is not always about presenting evil, wickedness or disgust. It is much more a reconsideration and connection of existing categories, such as Good & Bad, Gentleness & Anger or Strength & Weakness. In this sense, art is also always a rebellion against implicitness and an intensive examination of human emotions and endeavours such as envy, rage, doubt and despair, love, will power and hope. Luise intends to be a little provocative and wants to show what is otherwise hidden in an artistic way. Art in general and especially the works of Luise Läßig are not satisfied with necessities, expectations or every-day matters.

Luise currently lives in Dresden and regularly visits concerts & festivals in and around Dresden. It is always ensured that an animal did not have to suffer or had to be killed only for her sculptures.