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Chan and scribbles

Chan and scribbles are my characters who depict the child inside me.

Like what goes on in my mind when I am cycling,when I am eating an orange,when i am just too bored,shows my love towards cats and my emphasising nature,enthusiasm,hyperactive behaviour(in a good sense),my energy,also tells about how smalls things matter and can make a difference.Chan is a 5 years old girl who is exploring everything possible around her and she has found a cat and she calls it scribbles.Scribbles is a clueless cat who does what Chan does.They are a series of illustration which I make during the day its like my digital sketchbook.


https://www.behance.net/ash_hiremathkid swiming in the book

pirate painter

Behind this black frame lies a lens which has a capacity of capturing millions of dreams !