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Charcoal art drawing | Dana Podhradska

Charcoal art drawing | Dana Podhradska.

I do drawing with charcoal, sometimes using coloured pencils or soft pastels, specially for details in eyes and some of pics i did with coloured charcoal, shading with rubber. I use for sketch pencil I can drawing for order whatever you like. I focus on details, very important for me. My name is Dana Podhradska, I am from Slovakia, born in 1975. I am not studied art, not attend any classes, drawing, painting … when I have feeling I just sit down and I draw. I started draw like a teeneger, just for myself. Then more I began to dedicate about 5 years ago.

crying eye

Husku fantasy

Rhodesian Ridgeback 1

Black Panther

Wild Hare

Woman with Horse