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Chiara Rogazzo – Mind Fly – A journey inside a mind affected by anxiety.

Chiara Rogazzo – Mind Fly – A journey inside a mind affected by anxiety.

Mind Fly, my most recent collection of works, is a journey inside a mind affected by anxiety. After struggling with this disorder for many years, I decided to use my art as a medium to express my personal experience of living day to day with anxiety. Each painting, a window into my mind, depicts an everyday emotion or action with the recurring image of a fly. The fly is the physical manifestation of the dominant feelings of discomfort and agitation that arise with the presence of both the insect and my anxiety, a “crescendo of a hidden torment.”
The dominant sensations of discomfort and agitation I feel when I encounter this insect are the same as those I relates to my anxiety. Discomfort, as the fly is filthy and always corrupting everything it comes into contact with. Agitation, the persistent sound that it makes, constant and unpleasant that is always heard but not seen. And to try to rid yourself of the presence of a fly is hard, like an itch that cannot be scratched. Or if it is, it soon then returns.
Anxiety. It is a difficult feeling to try to describe to another person. Because the feelings related to anxiety are very personal, emotional responses that could be triggered by a countless number of factors and will vary significantly from person to person. Anxiety could mean a tingle of excitement for one person or it could mean the feeling of overpowering to another.
For me, anxiety means “losing my self” in an irrational train of thoughts|emotions or actions.
Chiara Rogazzo is an Italian artist based in London exploring the boundaries between graphic and realism through painting.

Inspired by personal feelings and daydreams, Chiara’s paintings are often composed around a central figure frozen in a scene that could last forever. Muted colours and loose brushstrokes mixed with bright colours and refined lines to capture the moment of being lost in one’s own world.


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