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Choreography in photography, Juggling Dreams – reflections

“Symbols, signs, music notes, numbers, Listen to the music behind these icons, It is the aspiring soul of a human being.

 The series is a part of a special creative collaboration with modern dancers.

We look into the motion in the stillness. Forms and identities, composing  Choreography in photography.

Inner emotions, becomes visible, the water inside the glass balls are streaming thoughts, feelings and dreams.

The dancer is  interacting with the glass balls, her body reflecting the inner state of mind becomes an iconic figure, symbols, a type, music notes, visual sound, All Integrating together like words in a sentence, music notes representing sound, still icons become a reflection of animated reality.

Juggling 1 Juggling 2 Juggling 3 Juggling 4 Juggling 7

Shimon and Tammar Rothstein

 Shimon and tammar are a husband and wife pair who specialize in “photographic choreography,”

bringing together fractions of reality captured with the camera to creating a new visual language.
their work is a fresh take on difficult subjects like food, dance, fashion and people,
all in combination with each other – savory, but stylish at the same moment.
focusing on the most intricate details, they produce a gorgeous final shot with complete perspective in their images,
whether an intimate still-life or a grand tableau.
a quote from artist peter tabor describes their partnership perfectly – “collaboration is working together with another to create something
as a synthesis of two practices, that alone one could not.”
both born in israel and living and working in new york city for the past 14 years,