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Chris Kenny crafts collections of dancing figures

Chris Kenny crafts collections of dancing figures .

Chris Kenny was born in London and studied art history at the Courtauld Institute. He has been exhibiting since 1985 in Europe and America and is collected internationally. Chris Kenny works with humble, found materials: bits of book, bits of map, bits of wood. He transforms them into fragile pertinent worlds to scrutinise and in some cases be scrutinised by.
From a distance his text assemblages are variegated, geometric bas-reliefs suspended in shallow vitrines. As one approaches, the detail becomes clear: poetic phrases instructing, interrogating or educating the viewer, arrayed in tiny terraces. There is a taxonomy of fonts, paper textures and shades, a balance of poignant fragility and absurdist wit, a tension between the flimsiness of existence and the wish to comprehend.
He uses maps similarly – graphic languages jostle for superiority as they proclaim the significance of their little patch of the earth. 
Found images and text are combined in collections of tiny books, each a little object-poem, proposing an idea or subject for musing.
He revisits old masters’ content and classic modernist form: floating line drawings made from twigs re-imagine 16th century religious paintings or twist in abstract, gestural displays.
The attempt to envisage heaven on earth through painting landscape is explored in rows of little houses built from discarded amateur pictures of idealised Nature, their facades incised with large letters to spell out mythical paradises: Arcadia, Elysium etc. They become little streets or queues: identities waiting patiently and dreaming. artist’s wood assemblages on his main Instagram and purchase one of his minimal pieces for your collection on his site.

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