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Christiane Vleugels |Photorealistic Painter

Christiane Vleugels -” To paint what is in the heart always has been the biggest challenge.

Sheer beauty, clears the mind and lets you open up for world’s beyond the dream. Of course it hasn’t always been like that, it took many years of reproducing old Masters and working on commission before I realized that the time has come to create from the heart.

When I look back at those tiresome years, during which I often felt under incredible pressure and even, at times, uninspired, I realize they were a necessary part of my artistic journey.

I really do believe I owe my various skills to that endless list of commissions. But now the time has come to take new directions in life. With each original work I create today, I realize more and more that the true learning process has only just begun for me!”


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