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Circle of Hearts Heartsafe(memorial urn), Mesquite & Sleeping Beauty Turquoise




Throughout the centuries, Memorial Urns (also known as Cinerary Urns and Burial Urns) have been used to honor loved ones and pets when they pass. Many cultures across the globe have featured Urns as a way to keep your family close to your heart and to give them a place of reverence in your home.

​ Dale Morris’ “Heartsafes” are much more than just basic Memorial Urns, they give peace of mind for you and your loved ones, as well as providing a true sense of Southwestern beauty. Mr. Morris begins by carefully hand sculpting Southwestern Hardwoods, focusing on bringing out the inner beauty of the wood’s natural textures and colors. He then focuses on the natural cracks and voids in the wood, using a specialized inlay technique with Turquoise and Semi-Precious Gemstones.

​ In addition, some of Dale’s “Heartsafes” are expansive enough to be used as companion urns, as vessels large enough to hold the cremains of several loved ones together, or the cremains of a person and their favorite pets. When someone keeps a “Heartsafe” in their home, they have their loved ones with them forever.

Dale Morris, a native of Tucson, Arizona, is a true renaissance man. Growing up in a blue collar family in the 60s. Dale was running construction crews in the hot desert sun by the age of 16. He has spent his entire life working with his hands, and when the day shift was over he put those skills to an even more creative use; Sculpture. His love of the beauty in the Sonoran desert and it’s native treasures led him to pursue the art of working with Southwestern hardwoods. He has a great passion for the natural colors and textures that exist within the wood.

“I try to see what is already in the wood and then expose the innate beauty,” says Morris.

Dale has now been working with Southwest Hardwoods for over 30 years, and over that time has developed his own personalized techniques on the lathe along with his own individual style of inlay.

​ His greatest passion comes in the form of his Heartsafes, beautifully hand-crafted Memorial Urns utilizing Hardwoods of the Southwest inlaid with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Semi-Precious Gemstones. These “One of a Kind”, Heartsafes are created with love and care to be the final resting place of individuals who want the outer beauty of their Memorial Urn to match the inner beauty of the remains.

In addition to his Heartsafes and wood-working, Dale has spent much of his life designing custom-made furniture, fused-glass decor and jewlery.

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approx. 11′ round, XL
Mesquite with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise inlay, “Heartsafe”, (memorial urn)
Over 600 hours, in the Creation of this piece and base (not pictured) $9000.00