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Cirkus artist/photographer Einar Kling – Odencrants & artist, bodypainter Vilija Vitkute creating “Body Canvas” in cirkus theme


Cirkus artist/photographer Einar Kling – Odencrants & artist,

bodypainter Vilija Vitkute collaboration of photographing and bodypainting cirkus artist in it´s beauty of strong, artistic human bodies painted in collors, textures which transforms and makes magic happen in it´s every movement. Vilija and Einar collaborates with cirkus artist´s in Sweden at DOCH, Cirkus Cirkör, Subtopia. Through more then 1 year collaboration they delivered few series of ” Body Canvas”

Body canvas--8


Body canvas--9

” to work with cirkus artist means a world to me. Each of cirkus artist we have been working with is professional, unique, that works hard many years to deliver those moves, performances. To pain them bodies which takes about 3 -5 hours and then couple of hours of photo session by catching them moves from different angles and lights it´s a big, challenging work which in the end of result surprises and makes it all worth it. For me as bodypainter it’s nice to see how body gets “super powers” with paint on and how every movement flows, transforms and is so interesting to look at” – Vilija Vitkute

Body canvas--10

Artist : Aino & Alex

Body canvas--6 (1)

Artist: Alex and Aino

Body canvas--3

Body canvas--4


Artist : Sara Rusteen


Artist : Sara Rusteen


Model: Sara Rusteen. Background/Bodypaint: Vilija Vitkute. Photo: Ekopics

10987455_810140292357305_3276172861022527533_n Artist: Sunivalb


Artist: Imogen


Artist: Imogen and Sunivalb

10987733_657870960989695_3414596763109766820_o (1)

Artist: Imogen & Sunivalb


Artist: Lisa Angberg


Artist: Lisa Angberg


Artist: Lisa Angberg


Artist: Lisa Angberg

Body canvas--7

Artist: Aino & Alex


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