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Clever architectural photographs by Gustav Willeit

Clever architectural photographs by Gustav Willeit.

The Italian photographer Gustav Willeit has created a series of photographs that have the place where he lives and where he comes from – in this new series surprises us with more conceptual work. all architecturally themed, sense that the subject is not natural landscapes or landscapes As a result, the photo frees itself from its purely reproductive essence of reality and becomes something more.

From the artist:

Art belongs to those who know how to observe. And those who can observe can find it everywhere. In nature, in cities, even in mankind. Above all, art can be found in the light. A light that blurs and that results in unexpected combinations of situations according to the rules that are dictated by chance. And here, in this series Revid.C , the “object city” and the “object architecture” find a bright suspension, a still time that becomes something else: an unlimited space to break the uniformity of modern societies. Source: href.li 

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