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Andrzej Mazur (b1979) – set of extraordinary black-and-white collages made from cut-up prints. Working with fine 19th century engravings from books and journals as his source material, he cuts imagery with mind-boggling precision and complexity.

His work is instantly engaging, but draws us in only to disturb our initial perceptions. The familiarity of the material and its subject matters gives us tools with which to understand the work, but its arrangement and juxtaposition challenges the very nature of our viewing habits. By playing with the protocols and conventions of visual language, our curiosity and identification is transformed into astonishment, bewilderment and fascination.

“Art is a device for mysterious symbols to be translated into gestures that transform life into multilayered playground where everything is possible, and is expected. Collage art is for me a depiction of the fragmented nature of the world, but also ultimately of its togetherness; elements of the world can be brought as one in a new reality: disjointed and different, but deeply connected nonetheless. The images I am drawn to and assemble are more often a reflection of my subconscious than they are a product of true awareness of thought: in this sense, I am putting together the pieces of myself and bringing them out for all (including me!) to see.
I would like to take you to a journey with me, to a world familiar yet not obvious, to the place where the senses are extra sharp and the mind is almost silent and some other truth is waiting to be discovered, where the artist connects with the viewers reality and dreams. Where the bare self is standing without a doubt, perhaps with fear and anticipation, but ready for empathy and understanding. I want my works to express what we can’t verbally articulate.”

working processworking process

Alice in WonderlandAlice

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