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Collages on cardboard by María Delia Deluca

“My collages are the result of hours and hours of research in piles of magazines. There is so much art, so much colour and such great images I can use from  a simple magazine in a doctor´s waiting room or a barber shop…it´s amazing how much fun I can have by spending a hole day cating and pasting pictures on a cardboard!”

María Delia Deluca was born in Salta, Argentina and studied art at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina).
Always with a sketchbook in hand, she has moved from house to house and from country to country many times throughout her life. Since she has established in Altea (Spain), she started working on smaller format, since she never knows when she may need to move again. This almost nomadic condition, took her to discover her passion for collages almost accidentally. Cutting and pasting old magazines, awakened in her a need for pictures she would then transform into images of her own, to show the world a different reality through the very particular characters in her collages.Sueño urbano rey moro mosquita muerta Retozando mujeres con lunar III mujeres con lunar II mujeres con lunar I