The Collection JOMARK by Marcus Mars Blacksmith Artist

Marcus Mars is an Oslo-based blacksmith artist who has been working
with design for over nine years. He has made unique art-pieces
for collectors in a number of countries.


GETTING CLOSER, photo Knut Bry,


DEEP, photo Knut Bry,

Dedicated, Photo Knut Bry,

DEDICATED, photo Knut Bry,

With his art, Marcus hopes to convey his personal feelings around the questions of life. Through the symbolism of this unique art the viewer is given an opportunity to create his own interpretation, thereby generating a personal relationship with each piece.

Concern, Photo Knut Bry,

CONCERN, photo Knut Bry,

Force, Photo Knut Bry,

FORCE, photo Knut Bry,

Successful, Photo Knut Bry,

SUCCESSFUL, photo Knut Bry,

The art that Marcus crafts is thought-provoking, timeless in form,
giving an impression of both weight and fragility depending upon
the individual viewer’s eye and mood.

LIFE, Photo Knut Bry,

LIFE, photo Knut Bry,

Se more at marcusmars.cominstagramfacebook

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