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Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay,

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay (By Bernardo Galmarini)

Photographs made in Colonia del Sacramento from  2009 to 2015, by argentinian professional photographer Bernardo Galmarini.

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About Bernardo Galmarini:

Professional photographer, born in Buenos Aires in 1969. Since 2001 up to date, he works as a freelance stock photographer in several stock galleries of England, USA and Latin America.
His photographs have been published in newspapers, books, travel guides and  magazines, like: National Geographic (4 times, at N. G. News section, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVEL,   and on-board book “Patagonia 2012”), The New York Post (USA), Svet Magazine (Czech Republic), “Photo Plus” magazine (U.K), GEO magazine (Spain, 2011), Digital Photo Magazine (USA), Home Page photograph for “Bing.com” , AA Guides (UK) “Essential Buenos Aires” (Cover and Back Cover- 2012), Lufthansa Travel Guide (City Guide Buenos Aires),  Michelin Travel Guide, Lonely Planet Tavel Guide, The Rough Guides, The Independent (UK),, Travel And Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler (Web Site),  “Lugares Mágicos” (Cover- Spain), Guide: “Top Ten Buenos Aires” (DKTravel), Finantial Times (Travel),  Cengage Book “Cuadros” (Cover), Books of  “Aique-Larousse”, “Todo es Historia” Magazine (Arg., by Felix Luna), The cover photo of  “Nueva Argentina turística” (La Nacion newspaper, Arg.), Telegraph (UK, Travel section), VIA Magazine (USA), Evoke (Ireland, Travel section), DailyMail (UK), ​between other publications in countries like:

Argentina, U.S.A., Canada, U.K.,  Germany, Spain, Romania,  Brazil, Greece, Netherland, Israel, Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Norway, Singapore, Czech Republic, India, Australia, South Korea, and internationally edited publications (worldwide).

 During 2009 he was selected by the photographer Bob Krist (USA) for being his personal assistant and fixer for an article about Buenos Aires published by the National Geoghraphic TravelerMagazine in March, 2010.

Between 2005 and 2008 developed and edited several audiovisual and photographic works. Between them, the CD-ROM “Buenos Aires 3d”- the first interactive stereoscopic (3d) tour in south america- with 640 3d stereo photographs and Tango music.

(See “Bs As 3D” page at www.argentimagenes.com.ar).
In 2008 he creates “Argentimagenes Editons” in order to show the beauty of Argentina landscapes to the international public, through his own photographic work.

Duiring 2012/2013 is commisioned for doing the entire photography of the book: “Milla Cultural del Sur” (200 pags., 30x25cm, hard cover), edited by Editorial Planeta and the Ministry of Culture(Government of Buenos Aires).

2014: Was commisiond by Editorial Planeta for making the entire photography of the institutional book: “La Travesia-Historia del sindicato”, for the “Dragado y Balizamiento” National working Union (SIPEDYB).

2015: Was commisiond by Editorial Planeta for making the entire photography of the institutional book: “EL LIBRO DE ORO DE UTHGRA”, for the Tourism and hotel staff National working Union (UTHGRA).

 2015: Was commisiond by Editorial Planeta for making the entire photography of the institutional book: “FRANCIS ´S PATHS IN BUENOS AIRES STATE” (Los senderos de Francisco en la provincia de Buenos Aires), for the Buenos Aires Secretary of Tourism.

 Since then, he was continously working for Grupo Editorial Planeta doing entirely the photography of several other institutional photographic books with the highest standards of quality.

​In 2013 he published the book: “DESTELLOS DEL RIO DE LA PLATA” (GLIMMERS OF THE RIVER PLATE) and it s for sale here:

 http://www.blurb.com/b/4327599-destellos-del-rio-de-la-plata (Full preview);

 In 2013 was selected by the Museum of the City of Buenos Aires, for participating in the “Feria de las Artes II” (Arts Fair II), which takes place every Sunday at Defensa and Alsina Streets (San Telmo, Buenos Aires)

In 2014 was edited the photography book “Buenos Aires”, made entirely with his photographs. (See

http://photo-tours.wix.com/photo-tours#!shop/cou4 )

 Since 2013 up to date, he s running exclusive Photography Tours in Buenos Aires.



More images and Info: