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The painting exhibition “Colored Puddles” features the creations by  Raminta Ardzeviciene The exhibition is designed for the lovers of good mood and colors. This colorful exhibition presents painting  artworks of multiple formats.

The artist was born in Kaunas in the winter of 1983. In 2003 she graduated from Kaunas Art Gymnasium. In 2008 she was granted the bachelor’s degree in applied graphics of Kaunas Art Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts. The works of art by visual artist Raminta Ardzeviciene can be divided into two types: painting and graphics. The artist is well known for her works in printed graphics and graphic design (promotional graphics).

“These are like works of my subconscious which reflect certain moods and ideas. Paintings are put together spontaneously like color puzzles creating a kind of mosaic. The aim of the exhibition is to experience a childhood with no rules, no special knowledge, simply colored with a mood, which allows you to create anything. They are like an abstract fairy tale without clear boundaries, without the beginning and the end”























Oil on canvas 50×120 cm/ 2013 m