Colorful acrylics by Astrid Stoeppel

Brick Lane Gallery London 2 May 2015, Astrid Stoeppel,


Colorato caotico! Astrid Stoeppel,


Colorato4! Astrid Stoeppel,

Colorato7! Astrid Stoeppel,

Colorato8! Astrid Stoeppel,

Colorato9! Astrid Stoeppel,

Colorato11! Astrid Stoeppel,

Colorful black! Astrid Stoeppel,

Even colors! Astrid Stoeppel,

Living colors! Astrid Stoeppel,

Lost lines! Astrid Stoeppel,

Vibrating circle! Astrid Stoeppel,

Brick Lane Gallery London May 2015, Astrid Stoeppel,



Astrid Stöppel was born on the 7th of June 1974 in Weilheim, Germany. After her studies in Munich she decided to enter in the own family business, a store with books, stationery and art supplies. Working there requires a lot of creativity and passion, but she really love this job. Her first exhibitions took place in the store rooms and shop windows there. Since 2012 Astrid Stöppel is a professional abstract artist. She gets invitations to national and international exhibitions as well as art fairs. In 2015 she also has been nominated for several art awards.

At the moment she works on two very different styles. The series “colorful acrylics” is painted on large canvases, strong and powerful colors on a white or black background in different motions. The other series “fluid acrylics” is very emotional. With a special technique on paper the colors merge – sometimes more, sometimes less – and harmonize on their own way. Two series, one artist…soft and full of feeling on the one hand but straight, powerful and passionate on the other.


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