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Colorful Coral-Like Growths by Stephanie Kilgast

Colorful Coral-Like Growths by Stephanie Kilgast.

My work is an ode to life, where plants and fungi meet insects, animals and minerals.


Colorful Coral-Like Growths by Stephanie Kilgast


These encounters are growing in a colorful swirl of diversity, and the erratic growth develops on found, thrifted or discarded objects, in a dialogue between humanity and nature.
Humans are a part of nature, which we often like to forget, creating an artificial barrier of tar between us and the mud. Unfortunately, by destroying our environment, we are destroying ourselves.
The rest of nature observes us, waiting to see if we will manage the environmental crisis we have created.
Yet, science, art and abstract thinking make human life worth saving. So it’s up to us to find an equilibrium between our activities, and our desire to thrive intellectually and culturally, without completely eradicating our very home.
Let nature grow back.

Kilgast, who is based in France, often documents her creative process in videos on InstagramYouTube, and Facebook

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