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Colorful paintings , Impressionism by Alexandra Wainer

I am a self-tought artist who got a talent for painting from my mother.

I love to transfer city views on canvas by using colors and creating a great atmosphere. I like details and I put it in my paintings by drawing a flag in thousand miles away or the bird in a move. Clode Monet is my person for the admiration. I love an immpresionism because by small and gentle touching with a brush , I may create a world of shadows . Usualy my works influence on people mood . Creating a colorful view may make people smiling and feeling the wind on the picture or the 3D water lake , touching the wet asphalt or listening the loud city . Using perspective style , I may create a deep look inside the street and I love it ! I love to imagine that I can walk through the trees in the alley or to see where the car is moving behind the building. Imagination ! Color ! Great experience ! This is what you may feel looking at my work. http://alekc29.wix.com/painting