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Complete the Painting | Tezi Gabunia

Complete the Painting | Tezi Gabunia.

Complete the painting is an interactive art project that reflects on interactive trend of contemporary art. Series of paintings provide certain scenes with different characters, which trigger a communication with a visitor. The plot is incomplete and obscure, so the viewer is challenged to interact immediately – to choose an action and take photos. In that manner, they produce their own unique creation. So an artwork is created through a very moment of interaction, the final photos carry documentation features of the project.

Project info:
Team: Tezi Gabunia, Gvanca Gabunia, Dato Koroshinadze, Mariam Nadareishvili, Nika Maisuradze, Oto Shengelia, Dato Tsanava
Photography: Nick Paniashvili
Location: Artarea Gallery
Video by Film Asylum,
Music by Tete Noise (Album, Zebra Blossom)
Models: Rati Eradze, Tekla Kiguradze, Sali Nikolaishvili, Irakli Skhvitaridze, Sandro Samkharadze, Ana Tatishvili, Taso Ugulava, Nene Chochua
Sponsorship: TBC Bank

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