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Conceptual portraits by Michal Zahornacky

Michal Zahornacky:

My new project is called The Colors. I tried to connect painting and photography in one art form. In my project you will find original conceptual portraits, which express a specific color in the way we can see it in the world and nature. In my photographs I let the colors speak. Each of the photograph / color has its own power, mood, strength and feeling. I used a clear glass as a painting canvas and real objects on the model. The project shows colors in their traditional form. I chose specific objects to characterise each color. This project is special as I only used minimal touch of postprocess and I hand-painted the glass using colors and brushes. This allowed me to create depth and 3D effect in the portraits.

IMG_0611,Conceptual portraits by Michal Zahornacky IMG_1835,Conceptual portraits by Michal Zahornacky IMG_1860 IMG_2003 IMG_2025 IMG_2066 IMG_2128 IMG_2161 IMG_2171

Michal Zahornacky is professional fine art photographer from Slovakia. He bought his first camera in 2011 and since 2014 he is active on professional level. He is a self-taught.

Besides his art photography you can also find a selection of wedding photographs in his portfolio. The main part in his photography plays the human. Mainly he focuses on portraits. His photographs are specific for unique emotions and atmosphere. He brings thought and moods to his photographs which he always shows in unclear imagination so the viewer must think about the message of the photography.

His most famous projects are Dream series and Poems series, which were published in many magazines and prized in Slovakia as well as abroad. At the moment he is working on his Poems series, which combines art with art. Each photograph has its own little story shown through a metaphor. The photographs in this series are completed by a unique poem written by Slovak poets.

By viewing Michal’s photographs you find yourself thinking about the realness of the photography and about the postprocess. Most of the photographs are prepared on scene – not photoshopped.

More info: www.facebook.com/michalzahornackycom