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(con)fusion – a different way of seeing

Photo-collages of scenes (places, events, phenomena) seen trough filter of something different, some other phenomenon or material. Mixing things out of the logic way of human perception creates something completely new, we consider as fusion.

Overlapping and mixing two different views of seeing places, things and scenes, different perspectives of looking, made a confusion of these two things, which gives completely new creation, but also a different position of looking at these new created phenomena, which provoke imagination and interpretation.

What you can make of things  you are looking at?

What is the power of seeing trough?

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This idea about creating things again is a possibility to see them on a different way.

This work has three parts:

  1. fusion –  seeing through wall (collages of landscape pictures and different textures or materials. Mixing two different ways of human perception to make some new picture with different sence).
  2. a:context – displacement, the sense of contextualization (collages of photographs of artistic works, sculptures, pictures and photographs of different places, as attempt to move and displace them, to change their context)
  3. pájaros – birds as a phenomenon  (overlapping photographs of birds and other scenes to create new images, which makes a question of previously sence of birds).

Ana Zorić

 Ana Zorić was born in Nova Varoš, Serbia. She graduated with Bachelor and Master degree in Architecture, University of Belgrade. She is enrolled in PhD programme at the same faculty, where she is working as teaching assistant. Beside professional development in field of architecture, she is interested in fine arts and she took part in numerous art exhibitions.