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Contemporary Artist Iris Scott Video Essay

Contemporary Artist Iris Scott Video Essay | William Massengale

saturated canvases burst with movement using a form of textural Impressionism all her own, and without using a brush.

“There’s nothing between me and the paint – I feel all the tiny nuances. I can manipulate thick paint with my fingers in ways brushes never could.” Her paintings fit into an exciting new artistic movement called Instinctualism. While its predecessor, Minimalism, still dominates the art world, Instinctualism is a reaction to the vapid non-representational painting wasteland of corporate abstract art. Rich in topic, color, and texture, Instinctualism is art that doesn’t need explanation to enjoy, for it will appeal to the innocent eyes of children as much as it will appeal to art collectors. Iris champions the paintings of Monet, Van Gogh, Sargent, and Picasso.
Her paint-heavy finger painting technique and rainbow of pigments, oftentimes utilizes over 100 different oil colors into a single scene. Her paintings portray a dreamy yet dynamic world – a heightened, more lush version of reality.  “I want my paintings to be both an escape from our everyday life, and an intensification of the recognizable.”
Whether she is painting landscapes, an urban scene, a figurative piece, or her trademark shaking dogs, Iris’ large body of work is a celebration of all that is wild. Raised in the Pacific Northwest rainforest near Seattle, Iris spent her childhood playing in and exploring the craggy, untamed terrain. “There’s a denseness to those woods that has stayed with me. The trees were draped in moss, play days were drenched with rain, animal and plant life bloomed from every nook.” Her paintings of flora and fauna emphasize what is dazzling, arresting, and even overwhelming about the natural world.
Finger painting has not traditionally been associated with serious oil painting, but Iris has changed the public’s perception of this technique and what can be achieved with it. Starting a small revolution, her art has garnered attention from press worldwide, including The San Francisco Globe, Colossal, and American Art Collector Magazine. Iris has blazed a truly unique trail in the art world, being also passionate about sharing her art form with tens of thousands Facebook and Instagram fans. Her recently published book Finger Painting Weekend Workshop guides people of all levels through adult finger painting, and is available in bookstores and on Amazon.

Via: http://www.irisscottfineart.com/

Contemporary Artist Iris Scott Video Essay

video by William Massengale


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